Junior Golf at Golf Garage VT

At Golf Garage VT, our experience tells us that young golfers can exceed their goals. Janko’s experienced coaching, cutting-edge technology, and a consistent weather-free environment is how we do it.


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Getting good is FUN.

We know how to help youth golfers exceed their goals. Janko has coached many junior golfers to become high school champions and even Division 1 scholarship recipients.

Junior Coaching

10 Sessions for $1,000

If you're a junior golfer looking to develop your game throughout the winter months, this program is for you. You will receive one in-person lesson per month, unlimited video reviews through our V1 app, and text communication. I will be a consistent resource to keep you on track.

One day per month the participants of this group will meet for 2 hours to play games, have skill contests, talk strategy and create camaraderie. This program will also offer tournament scheduling recommendation for those juniors looking to create a resume for college.

"Consistent coaching produces consistent results"

David Jankowski, PGA

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